We are an independent, creatively driven advertising agency that creates strong and provocative relationships between good companies and their customers. We believe that it doesn't matter where, how or in what medium an idea is expressed, you still have to start with a good one.
TOP 30. Our clients.
For example, here are the few who have successfully cooperated with us. In random order:
Our leader
Our independence is reflected through the work and culture of each of our offices. You'll find examples of this on our site through the creative, headlines aggregated from each of our blogs and our radio and entertainment group.
Andrey Surikov
He specializes in business development. Project Manager, CEO, Art Director. Professional in the field of marketing and advertising. Powerful designer, artist. Business partner of 1C-Bitrix. Previously managed projects in the financial group «Zerich» develop business «EcoProg» companies «Finam». Professionally, for about a year, trading (day trading) stocks on the NYSE and NASDAQ II. In 2003 he graduated from the Physics Department of Moscow State University.
Eugene Weinberg
Creative, artistic director. The main business consultant and partner. In 2008 he graduated from the Economics Faculty of Moscow State University. Previously managed projects in the «Alfa-Bank». He specializes in business development.
And most importantly, you'll find our people—not just their names and titles, but what they do, what they're into and how they've contributed to making this agency great. We hope you comment on the work, learn about our people and visit often.
Stepan Zolotukhin
Art Director
Andrey Presnyakov
Senior designer
Maria Kuravleva
Project manager
Gregory Wisniewski
Andrey Sviridov
Why do we,
what we can
Business as an idea
We are able to conduct the most difficult, the most highly stressed brands, online projects and campaigns. We know how to do it.
When we talk about the brand, we think of the totality of all, absolutely all promotional tools. We do not get hung up on style. We talk about business, we create an intelligent platform for the market.
We optimize the creation and development of the brand, websites, advertising media. Moving iterations. We always know what will happen tomorrow, how to become a better, how to change and how much it will cost.
Affordable price
Cost of the project is determined by the most convenient and accessible for both parties. We do not say nothing about iterations and experience, which allows us to be responsive to any problems.
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